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    Cove Caribbean at Cove Lounge from 6pm to 12am. Classic and current Dancehall, Reggae, Soca, Hip Hop & R&B.

    Wepa! DJ Biamby spins at Von for Going Up at La Bodega, Tuesday, May 10th @ 9pm. Sponsored by Espolon, Collectif 1806 & Hypnotiq.


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    With a music library that spans more five decades of music and videos to dance to from genres like AfroPop, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Pop, Funk, Disco and Rock.

    Need a DJ? Email me a booking request.

    Text djbiamby to 24587 to find out about events or,
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  • about dj biamby

    Born in New York City, I have always had passion for the arts, music, film, technology and branding. I am inspired by DJ's, artists, musicians, actors, comedians and art. My career began at HBO, but then quickly moved on to Sony Music, where I coordinated Ron Grant’s R&B Showcase for record executives at in-house boutique labels like Epic, Columbia, 550 Music and the WORK Group. Ron Grant still hosts his R&B Showcase every Sunday at the Village Underground in New York City.

    From there, I established Audiology Recording Studio with my partner and some of our clients were Ice T, Treach, Lil Kim, Sticky Fingaz, Fat Joe, Phife Dog along with Select Records and Def Jam. Since I always try to stay ahead of the curve this led me to start Silverback Digital Studios, a successful HD Video Editorial Production Company.

    Every week I spin at Caribbean Thursdays at Cove Lounge from 6pm to 12am.


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    Wepa! DJ Biamby spins at Von for Going Up at La Bodega, Tuesday, May 10th @ 9pm. Sponsored by Espolon, Collectif 1806 & Hypnotiq. On Tuesday, May 10th @ 9pm, we're Going Up La Bodega Style! We'll have Trish Rossiene (Gramercy Terrace), Erik Delanoy (Bathtub Gin), and Sandy Jose Nunez (Middle Branch/Seaborne) mixing neighborhood themed drinks to the Latin, Soca and Hip-Hop tunes of DJ JP Biamby. Get greeted with Super Soaker Money Shots! Order your favorite shaved ice Espolon Tequila Frescas! Sip on a The Botanist gin-spiked Purple Drank or just throw back a Hypnotiq Incredible Hulk! Industry love at the downstairs bar at Von until late late.

    Caribbean Thursdays

    Cove Lounge is where you'll feel the good vibes while I play all the classic and latest dancehall, reggae & soca. Mingle with a grown & sexy crowd, grab a drink, some eats and enjoy some of the best caribbean music. FB event page.

    more coming soon!

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